Police custody

ExpertisesPolice custody

The law states that if the police suspect that you committed, or tried to commit, a crime, or if it is necessary to the investigation, they can put you in custody. This custody can last 24 hours, renewable once for an additional 24 hours. In certain cases, such as organized crime or terrorism, custody can be prolonged for up to 72 hours.

While in custody, you have some basic rights:

  • The right to know the crime you are accused of
  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to ask for a medical examination
  • The right to ask for a lawyer, from the first hour of custody (except in matter of organized crime, terrorism, and drug trafficking) and during all police interrogations

It is therefore essential for you to have a counsel that is aware of all the mechanisms of the criminal justice system. Delphine MEILLET can put her expertise at your service.