Sentence reduction

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If you are imprisoned, whether in jail or prison, Delphine MEILLET can act in your favor with the relevant judge (“juge de l’application des peines” ou “juge des libertés et de la detention”) to get the measure you seek;

You can be paroled, and be set free before the end of your sentence, if you can show sufficient signs that you can be rehabilitated. You are eligible for parole if you served more than half of your sentence, or more than 2/3rds if you are a repeat offender. You will then have to follow certain obligations, such as having a job or going to see a doctor regularly.

Day parole allows you to get out of prison during the day in order to work, study, take an essential part in your family life, or follow the course of a medical treatment. You are eligible for day parole if you have less than two years to serve, or one year if you are a repeat offender.

You can also be set free with an electronic tag. This measure is the same as day parole, except that instead of coming back to prison at night, the inmate has to stay in his or an agreeing party’s home. The eligibility rules are the same as day parole.

Specialized in criminal law and having extensively practiced sentence reducing laws, Delphine MEILLET can offer you her expertise to make sure you are treated fairly.