Trial phase

ExpertisesTrial phase

Following your custody, several procedures can be put into action:

  • The charges against you can be dropped if the evidence is not sufficient
  • If the investigation has discovered sufficient evidence, and you can be sentenced to at least 2 years in prison (or 6 months if you were caught in the act), you can be brought up for immediate trial
  • If you, your lawyer, the district attorney, or the investigating judge proposes it, you can plead guilty to committing a crime and therefore have a reduced sentence offered by the district attorney, which you can then accept in front of a judge
  • You can be brought to an investigating judge, who will then decide if you are to be charged with a crime, following the evidence that was assembled
  • You can be summoned to court at a later date; you will be set free pending your trial

Whatever procedure is chosen, the help of a lawyer is extremely precious to make sure you get the best defense possible: Delphine MEILLET has the necessary knowledge to guide you throughout your case.