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Counsel in e-reputation

Delphine MEILLET can help you prevent dangers linked to the use of new technologies.

E-reputation is the reputation of a company, or a person, online and its management.

Consumer power has greatly grown, as shown by the way companies take consumer comments in consideration, use forums and social media, understanding that by having a Facebook profile, they create a link and create customer loyalty.

These new tools allow companies to act on two levels: individually, and collectively. The goal is for companies to communicate in a coherent manner on both corporate and commercial sides, which used to be distinct. Indeed, the border between public and client relations seems to blur more and more with the advent of internet.

It has been shown that more than half of consumers check a company’s reputation and its products’ before becoming clients.

Without and efficient protection, your company’s reputation online is constantly threatened: defamation, denigration… a team of experts can help you get that protection.

Slander, defamation, spam, colleting personal data: all of these are susceptible to damage your e-reputation, especially considering how much easier it is to put content online than to delete it.