Delphine Meillet est interviewée par CNN sur le sujet du faux Le Drian

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Delphine Meillet, the lawyer representing the actual Le Drian, who is now France’s foreign minister, told CNN the fraudsters used the war in Syria to their advantage.
« There were real hostages at the time, in 2015, and the technique to convince them was to play on fears of terrorism, » Meillet said.
« When the state asks you to do it a favor, to help fight terrorism, how can you say no? How can you say no to a minister? » she added.

The voice of the fake Le Drian is allegedly that of Gilbert Chikli, according to prosecutors, a Franco-Israeli accused of being the mastermind behind the sting. He is charged with organized fraud and usurping a person’s identity. Chikli denies the charges.
Meillet describes the 54-year-old as being a modern-day Victor Lustig, the notorious con man who sold the Eiffel Tower to a scrap-metal dealer in 1925, not once but twice.